New for 2023!

We're pleased to announce that 49 new book titles will be added to Sage Research Methods in January 2023.  View the title list.

We're also adding new content to the following collections in January 2023:
Cases Part 1
Datasets Part 1
Data Visualization
Doing Research Online
Click the links to view the preliminary title lists. 

Also launching in March:

Sage Research Methods: Business

From academic curriculum to inquiries in the workplace, research is an integral part of business, and research skills are some of the most valuable transferable skills for students moving from the classroom to the corporate world. Sage Research Methods: Business combines practical how-to guides, case studies of real research projects, video tutorials, and practice datasets for a well-rounded learning experience for all those conducting academic or workplace studies. Content is aimed at a range of expertise levels, making this perfect for both novice and experienced researchers, or as a refresher for mid-career professionals returning to academia for an advanced degree. Spanning the entire process, from identifying a testable question to applying the results in business decision-making, this collection equips users with the skills and knowledge to undertake effective and robust business research.

Sage Research Methods Video: Qualitative and Mixed Methods 

The next Sage Research Methods Video collection will provide a robust and comprehensive introduction to the essential research methods skills, concepts, and techniques that researchers at all levels need to carry out qualitative and mixed methods studies. Drawing on Sage’s roster of top authorities in the field, the videos guide users through the nuanced skills required to carry out their research, including how to access their intended participants, interview effectively, manage fieldnotes and data, and communicate their findings. Included in the collection are practical tutorials, case studies, and short documentaries showing methods in action.