New for 2024!

We're pleased to announce that 49 new book titles will be added to Sage Research Methods in January 2024.  View the title list.

We're also adding new content to the following collections in January 2024:
Cases Part 1
Datasets Part 1
Data Visualization
Doing Research Online
Click the links to view the preliminary title lists. 

Also launching in March:

Sage Research Methods: Diversifying and Decolonizing Research

A transformative collection dedicated to supporting users in conducting research that is both critical and inclusive by showcasing a diverse range of experiences and approaches from marginalized, under-represented, underserved, and vulnerable communities, as well as decolonial perspectives that challenge traditional research paradigms. Content is designed for students and researchers at all levels, looking to learn how to design and conduct research that goes beyond traditional Western methodologies. Diving into rich case studies, datasets and a video library showcasing Indigenous and underrepresented researchers, methods, and themes, users will get hands-on experience with identifying bias and analyzing data using Indigenous methodologies.

Sage Research Methods Video: Quantitative and Mixed Methods 

The next Sage Research Methods Video collection empowers users to master the essential skills, concepts, and techniques necessary for carrying out impactful quantitative and mixed methods research projects, through a rich array of expert interviews, practical tutorials, and real-world case studies. The perfect pairing to the Qualitative and Mixed Methods collection with plenty of videos to guide users through the nuanced skills required to carry out their research, from survey and experimental methods, to secondary data and text analysis. Included in the collection are practical tutorials, case studies, and how-to guides showing methods in action.