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    SPEAKER: What are the practical stepsfor doing a research project?First, you need to plan what you're going to do.Think about the process like painting a room.First, remove items that will get in your way.Then cover up the things that cannot be moved.Before getting your tools ready, goover the area to be painted--cleaning it and filling cooling holes

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    SPEAKER [continued]: to make a smooth painting surface.Then get your tools and materials ready,and it is time to paint.Preparation is vital.Remember to plan the project.Time the work and know how long youhave to complete the project.Get your tools ready.Be familiar with the techniques you're going to use.Get access.

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    SPEAKER [continued]: Get into the context of where you're going to do the work.Once your preparation is done, you are ready to get to work.Do not rush things.You can slap paint on a wall, but the resultwill not be pretty.Careful brush strokes get you a good looking wall.The same goes for research.Make sure you are thorough.Stick to your plan when you can, but be

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    SPEAKER [continued]: prepared for things to change as your project progressing.If you hire a crafts person to do work in the house,you want the place left clean--no mess.Some things involved in tidying up are writing up.When you write up your research, you assemble the elementsyou have made into a coherent wholeand polish the rough edges, so that the answer

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    SPEAKER [continued]: to your research question is clear and understandable.Meeting obligations-- you need to meet the obligationsyou have made in the act of doing social research.There can be considerable resentment when researchersinsert themselves into a social context, make use of peopleto get information about the world, and then just disappear.Have a withdrawal strategy which treats the people who

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    SPEAKER [continued]: have helped you the way you wouldwant to be treated yourself.Dissemination-- social research is a craft.But it is also an art.So you want to set about showing off the things you have made.It's all about knowing what you are doing,being organized, and getting it done.[MUSIC PLAYING]

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Learn the steps of creating a successful research project.

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What Are the Practical Steps for Doing a Research Project?

Learn the steps of creating a successful research project.

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