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    NATALIE EVANS: Hi, my name is Natalie Evans.I am an Assistant Professor in Amsterdam UMC,in the Department of Ethics, Law and Humanities.I'm a Social Scientist working on two European fundedprojects, which develop tools and training materialsto foster research integrity.As a stakeholder consultation lead

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    NATALIE EVANS [continued]: of EnTIRE, the project building the Embassy of Good Science,I'm collaborating with the SOPs4RI projecton the integration of the project resultson the Embassy of Good Science.The Embassy of Good Science is an online platformcreated by researchers for researchers, whichaims to provide support for all of those

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    NATALIE EVANS [continued]: who advocate for good science.As researchers, we want to conduct good researchand achieve good results.However, this is sometimes challenging.New technologies, complex statistical methods,pressure to publish and obtain grants,and a growing interest on stakeholder-driven science,increase the complexity of conducting research.

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    NATALIE EVANS [continued]: Research integrity and ethics legislation, codes,and good practices are constantlybeing developed by bodies and initiatives,such as European academic societies,expert associations, and the European Commission, itself.And the larger projects with funds.These resources, however, are not alwayseasily accessible or understandable for researchers.

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    NATALIE EVANS [continued]: This is also a challenge for thosewho teach research ethics and research integrity.And for faculty members trying to raise awarenessabout good research practices.The Embassy of Good Science aims to become the go-to placefor those who want to find and sharetheir information on how to do researchethically with integrity.

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    NATALIE EVANS [continued]: The Embassy aims to help researchersin their daily practice by offering help with questions,like what are good scientific principles and standards?How can I handle dilemmas that arise in my research practice?What should I do if I suspect someone of misconduct?The platform uses semantic utility software,

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    NATALIE EVANS [continued]: so researchers can contribute directlyto the platform by asking and answering questions,but also by adding and editing content on the platform.Links between content are automatically generated,enabling easy access to all of the resourcesacross the platform.The Embassy is developed by a European consortium

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    NATALIE EVANS [continued]: in consultation with stakeholders across Europe.So we asked them, what do they need,and how should it look and work.Before, Wiki functionalities werereserved for those dedicated to building the world's biggestonline encyclopedia.The Embassy has incorporated Wikipedia strong foundation,

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    NATALIE EVANS [continued]: and open mentality, and redesigned the interfacefrom the ground up.New functionalities have been addedto guide the research community to create the knowledgebase for, and understanding of, good scientific practices.This knowledge is freely available to everyone.By opening up and showing the public the efforts

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    NATALIE EVANS [continued]: that researchers put in to ensure reliable researchresults, we hope to foster public trust in science.And this is so important now, at a timewhen public trust in science is essential for solvingthe societal challenges we face, such as the COVID-19pandemic and global heating.We aim to amplify the voices of scientists

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    NATALIE EVANS [continued]: who are dedicated to solving such societal challengesthrough trustworthy research and innovation.On the platform, experienced scientistscan lead the way by sharing their expertise and insightson themes that concern what interests them.Teachers can build training programsthat can be used in the classroom

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    NATALIE EVANS [continued]: or in online teaching.PhD students, in difficult situations,can ask questions or look anonymously for help.There are no social ties that are exploited,no hidden business models to profit from,no gamification strategies, and no distracting ads.We rely on only one thing, that researchers

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    NATALIE EVANS [continued]: are intrinsically motivated and strongly committed to safeguardgood science.What can you find on the platform?You can find theme pages.And these are short texts addressing or definingethics and research integrity topics and issues.You can find resources, which cover guidelines, cases

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    NATALIE EVANS [continued]: and educational materials.You'll find a discussion section,which provides the opportunity to reach out to the communityand ask questions or seek help.And a training section, which provides the opportunityto find and share training materials.The Embassy of Good Science collaborates closelywith the SOPs4RI project.

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    NATALIE EVANS [continued]: The SOPs4RI project aims to build a toolboxto help research institutions and funding organizationsadopt standard operating procedures to foster researchintegrity.The toolbox will contain carefullyselected, high-quality resources, organizedin different topics that are relevant to research funding

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    NATALIE EVANS [continued]: and research performing organizations.Even though the SOPs4RI project has its own website,on which the toolbox will be displayed,they will also be available on the Embassy of Good Science,ensuring that the high quality resources containedin the toolbox are easily findable.And that they remain available even

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    NATALIE EVANS [continued]: after the SOPs4RI project ends.In this sense, the collaboration between the Embassyand the SOPs4RI project will provide the SOPs4RI toolboxa long term and user-friendly platformon which it can be accessed.It will also entice new stakeholdersto visit the Embassy website.

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    NATALIE EVANS [continued]: The Embassy of Good Science provides researcherswith: an easy centralized access to guidance relatedto research ethics and research integrity,to information about the most important issuesand topics related to research ethics and research integrity,educational and training material, and the possibilityto reach out to the community by getting involved

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    NATALIE EVANS [continued]: in a participatory way.All of those who are interested or involved in researchare invited to contribute their knowledge,improve the existing content, and participate in discussionsand spread the word.

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Natalie Evans, PhD, Assistant Professor of Ethics, Law, and Humanities at Amsterdam UMC, describes and discusses the Embassy of Good Science, SPOs4RI, and building collaborative platforms for research integrity.

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Natalie Evans

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Research ethics

The field of moral philosophy dealing with the standards by which behaviour should be regulated within research.
Research ethics
Building Platforms for Research Integrity: Embassy of Good Science and SOPs4RI

Natalie Evans, PhD, Assistant Professor of Ethics, Law, and Humanities at Amsterdam UMC, describes and discusses the Embassy of Good Science, SPOs4RI, and building collaborative platforms for research integrity.

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