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    NARRATOR: Standard Operating Proceduresfor Research Integrity has created a free and easyto use online toolbox of top quality standard operatingprocedures and guidelines for research integrity.It was built to help universities, research centers,and research funders to create tailored policies and practicesat the organizational level.Let's explore the inspiration behind the SOPs4RI toolbox.

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    NARRATOR [continued]: SOPs4RI is not the first project to tackle research integrityguidelines.All European Academies or ALLEA addressed integrity guidelinedisparities by creating the European Code of Conductfor Research Integrity.The mission of SOPs4RI is not to replace the existingCode of Conduct, but to create a usable roadmapto help individual organizations build tailored policies

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    NARRATOR [continued]: and guidelines within the boundaries of the Code.To explain further, let's use the analogyof a city, more specifically, of Paris.The existing European Code of Conductfor Research Integrity's fundamental principles,reliability, honesty, respect, and accountability,are like fortified walls.They both define what research practices are allowed

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    NARRATOR [continued]: inside the walls, as well as what the walls should protectus from, such as violations, fabrications, and evenan unsound research culture.It is SOPs4RI's mission to bring clarityto what's happening within these city walls.When navigating through Paris, a common first questionis whether your endpoint is on the North or South side

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    NARRATOR [continued]: of the Seine.Similarly, the SOPs4RI toolbox firstasks whether you're working with the researchperforming or research funding organization.Step two is identifying which arrondissement or districtyour endpoint is in.The SOPs4RI toolbox has 9 specially selectedfocal categories for research performingorganizations and 6 for research funding organizations.

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    NARRATOR [continued]: Knowing your district is helpful but it's still not enough.To reach your end point, you'll also need to know your street.So the focal categories have been broken downinto further subcategories.In our city of research integrity,the road map can only take you as faras a specific street a.k.a.the subcategory.The last 100 meters of your journey are up to you,

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    NARRATOR [continued]: because you have the best knowledgeof your organization's research cultureand of what research integrity guidelines your organizationrequires.Like Paris, the city of research integrity is vast and engaging.Stroll around a while, you're sure to findsomething new and interesting.Learn more about the SOPs4RI toolboxmethodology from our collection of deliverables, which can

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    NARRATOR [continued]: be found online at

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Series Name: SOPs4RI

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Methods: Research ethics, Integrity, Researcher skills, Ethical codes

Keywords: ethical codes; guidelines as topic; integrity; research ethics; research practice and methodology; Standard operating procedures ... Show More

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The mission of the SOPs4RI project is illustrated as an analogy to a map that assists in navigating through a city such as Paris.

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SAGE Research Methods Video: Research Ethics and Integrity
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Methods Map

Research ethics

The field of moral philosophy dealing with the standards by which behaviour should be regulated within research.
Research ethics
The Mission of SOPs4RI: The Paris Map Paradigm

The mission of the SOPs4RI project is illustrated as an analogy to a map that assists in navigating through a city such as Paris.

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