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    NARRATOR: Standard Operating Proceduresfor Research Integrity has created a free and easyto use online toolbox of top quality standard operatingprocedures and guidelines for research integrity.It was built to help universities, research centers,and research funders to create tailored policies and practicesthat comply with the European Code of Conductfor Research Integrity and to foster research integrity

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    NARRATOR [continued]: at the organizational level.So how does this toolbox work?To enter the online toolbox, we'llclick on the 'View Toolbox' button on the main pageof the SOPs4RI website.Here we'll have a chance to explore the EuropeanCode of Conduct for Research Integrity,a two page information sheet about researchand integrity-related topics, as well as a commentary

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    NARRATOR [continued]: in nature co-authored by SOPs4RI consortium members,where you can learn more about the toolboxes contentand examples of institutions with exceptional researchintegrity policies.Further down, we see the toolbox's two main categories.Tools for research performing organizations,such as universities and institutions,and tools for research funding organizations.

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    NARRATOR [continued]: Let's take a look at the materials for researchperforming organizations.To get there, we'll click on the Tools button.This takes us to a visual overview of the nine researchintegrity focal categories for research performingorganizations.We can learn more about each of these categoriesby hovering over the icons.Let's take a look at the environment category.

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    NARRATOR [continued]: By the end of 2022, the toolbox will include subcategorieswithin each of these focal categories.Currently, we can see the comprehensive list of toolsfor creating a respectable working environment.The peach-colored text above each titletells us whether the tool is a guidelineor a standard operating procedure.From here, you can browse around or finda tool that will help you build the policies you need.

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    NARRATOR [continued]: By clicking on a tool, you can learn more about its backgroundand content, see its bibliographic reference,and find a link to its original publicationas well as a set of descriptive tagsto help you understand where and how the tool can be used.Learn more about the SOPs4RI toolboxmethodology from our collection of deliverables, which canbe found online at

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Series Name: SOPs4RI

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Publication Year: 2022

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Methods: Research ethics, Ethical codes, Researcher skills, Integrity

Keywords: ethical codes; integrity; internet research; research ethics; research practice and methodology; Standard operating procedures; web sites ... Show More

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A basic tour and overview of the SOPs4RI website and online toolbox.

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SAGE Research Methods Video: Research Ethics and Integrity
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Research ethics

The field of moral philosophy dealing with the standards by which behaviour should be regulated within research.
Research ethics
A Tour of the SOPs4RI Toolbox

A basic tour and overview of the SOPs4RI website and online toolbox.

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