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    [MUSIC PLAYING][RESEARCH METHODS, tutorial][Developing SOPs4RI, An Introduction to theMethodology]

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    SPEAKER: Standard Operating Proceduresfor Research Integrity has created a free and easy-to-useonline toolbox of top-quality Standard Operating Proceduresand Guidelines for Research Integrity.It was built to help universities, research centers,and research funders to create tailored policies and practicesthat comply with the European Code of Conductfor Research Integrity and to foster research integrity

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    SPEAKER [continued]: at the organizational level.So what's the story behind this multinational,transdisciplinary project?The SOPs4RI Toolbox was built fromnew and existing regulations and guidelines,scientific articles, and the opinions and feedbackof a wide spectrum of stakeholders.The toolbox's creation consists of four cycles.

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    SPEAKER [continued]: In Cycle 1, the SOPs4RI collaboratorscombed through nearly 33,500 existing resources,including scientific papers, guidelines,and standard operating procedures.150 high-quality examples were singled outas the groundwork for the SOPs4RI Toolbox.Cycle 1 also tackled expert feedback.

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    SPEAKER [continued]: During this stage, the project conducted interviewswith 23 research integrity specialistsand gathered 70 expert responses to a three-round Delphi survey.These materials helped produce the first modelof the SOPs and Guidelines.Cycle 2 brought SOPs and Guidelines version 2.0 and 3.0through focus groups and co-creation workshops.

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    SPEAKER [continued]: 147 humanities, social, natural, and medical scienceresearchers, from eight European countries,helped paint a clearer picture of the needsof specific disciplines and launchedthe first online version of the toolbox.Following this, 75 experts took partin eight co-creation workshops to refinea specific set of research integrity questions.

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    SPEAKER [continued]: This information helped create skeleton guidelinesto fill in dark corners where there were no existingguidelines.Cycle 3 brought the toolbox to the massesin a large-scale online survey, distributed to all EU membercountries as well as select countriesfrom the Organization of Economic Cooperationand Development.Three years after the start of the project,

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    SPEAKER [continued]: the SOPs4RI Toolbox started its pilot testing phase.The toolbox's end users ensure its content is notonly high quality but also feasible and useful.And the pilot test, together with a cost-benefit analysis,will be the final piece in the SOPs4RI Toolbox5.0, an online research integritytoolbox we are proud to provide to all research stakeholders.

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    SPEAKER [continued]: Learn more about the SOPs4RI Toolbox methodologyfrom our collection of deliverables, which canbe found online, at[MUSIC PLAYING]

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Methods: Research ethics, Integrity, Ethical principles

Keywords: collaboration; delphi surveys; integrity; literature reviews; multidisciplinary review; online survey; pilot test; qualitative interview; research ethics; research methodology; research questions; Standard operating procedures; workshops ... Show More

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An introduction to the methodology used to create the Standard Operating Procedures for Research Integrity (SOPs4RI) toolkit.

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SAGE Research Methods Video: Research Ethics and Integrity
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Methods Map

Research ethics

The field of moral philosophy dealing with the standards by which behaviour should be regulated within research.
Research ethics
Developing SOPs4RI: An Introduction to the Methodology

An introduction to the methodology used to create the Standard Operating Procedures for Research Integrity (SOPs4RI) toolkit.

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