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    MATT DENNY: Hi, everyone.This is your instructor, Matt Denny,and welcome to this lecture on installing R on Linux.So if you're running Linux on your computer,I'm generally going to assume that you probablyknow what you're doing.I'm also going to assume that you knowhow to use the command line.So whereas the videos for installing R on a Mac

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    MATT DENNY [continued]: or on Windows will feature graphical user interfaceinstallers-- they're sort of easy little programs youdownload off the R website--if you're using R on a Linux machine,you're going to have to use the command line to get it.Although, I think Ubuntu might have R.If you look for R base in the Ubuntu store thing,

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    MATT DENNY [continued]: you'll be able to get it that way.And if you have some other flavor of Linux,there are some directions on the CRAN web page.I will take you there.But in general, your distro may actually alsocome with R already.If you open up a command line and type in R,you may find that you just already have R installed.So I'm just going to quickly go through this

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    MATT DENNY [continued]: in case you have Linux and don't know how to install R justto make sure that we're all on the same page.OK, so I'm going to head over to my desktop,and I'll see you in a second.OK, so I'm recording this on a Mac,but the things you're going to need to doare actually pretty similar.So if you open up a web browser, you can either follow the link

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    MATT DENNY [continued]: that I provided right above this video,or you can type in C-R-A-N into Google.And what that will take you to is the Comprehensive R ArchiveNetwork, which is the place where R lives.So it's sort of the place where you

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    MATT DENNY [continued]: get the latest and greatest version of R. It'sthe place where all the news about R comes out,and it's also the place where allof the user-created add-on content, add-on packages for R,that's where they live.It's sort of the official R website.And so right up at the top we're goingto see this Download and Install R pane.And it's going to have an option to download R for Linux.

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    MATT DENNY [continued]: There's also other useful things on this site.So there's the R Journal over here on the left.There's also information about packagesand there are manuals and FAQs which are also very useful.But we're going to click on Download R for Linux.And then it will give you options here--so if you have a Debian-, Red Hat-, SUSE-,or Ubuntu-based build.

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    MATT DENNY [continued]: And then a-- ooh, this is new.So that'll give you a nice little installation guide here.So in general, on Ubuntu, its you just sudo apt-get updateand then sudo apt-get install R base.And that's all you're going to need to do.If you have a different operating system,

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    MATT DENNY [continued]: you might have different instructions.So let's see, under Red Hat, you'regoing to need to use sudo yum installR. There are different commands for different flavors of Linux.I'm going to assume that you knowhow to use whatever your package manager is on your computer.

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    MATT DENNY [continued]: Alternatively, you can also just checkto see if you already have R installedby just typing in R onto your command lineand seeing if it starts up for you.So again, this is a super-quick tutorial justto make sure that you know where to go.Again, the CRAN website is usefulbecause it will give you instructionsfor installing it under whatever flavor of Linux you're running.

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    MATT DENNY [continued]: But you can also, again, just check, open up a terminaland see if R is installed that way.So thanks very much for watching,and I will see you in the next video.

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Series Name: Practical Data Management with R

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Publication Year: 2017

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Methods: Data management, RStudio, R statistical package, Programming

Keywords: computer programming; computer programs; computer software selection; Linux; programming languages

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Matt Denny explains how to install R on Linux, first checking whether it is pre-installed, then off to the R website to download and install the correct version.

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Introduction to RStudio: Installing R on Linux

Matt Denny explains how to install R on Linux, first checking whether it is pre-installed, then off to the R website to download and install the correct version.

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