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    SPEAKER: How do I write and publish a book?Do you want to write a book?There are some great guides available,like Wallace and Ray's Critical Reading and Writingfor Postgraduates.Look at similar examples.Choose five or six books and use them to help structureyour own.You can also create a contents listand annotate it to figure out the structure of your book.

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    SPEAKER [continued]: This is what publishers will want to see in a book proposal.Remember to always submit a proposaland speak with a publisher before startingto write your book.Publishers all want different things,and it's important to agree on what yours will be about.You should aim to have each chapter writtenby a specific date.This may slip, but don't let it slip too much.

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    SPEAKER [continued]: Make sure that any changes to the timetableare recorded so that you can keep a systematic checkon your progress.Writing your chapters in the sequencethey appear in the table of contentshas the advantage of helping you connecteach chapter with the next.This isn't the only way to work, but it's the easiest.Figure out a work style that suits you and stick to it.

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    SPEAKER [continued]: This may be a matter of writing a certain number of wordsevery day, or you can write in short, intensive burstswhile taking breaks in between.Choose a place to work that suits you.You'll want to find a place conducive and comfortablefor using your computer.If you're an academic, you may find it easierto work at home where there are fewer distractions.

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    SPEAKER [continued]: Remember that it's easier to delete than to write,so don't worry too much about the length of your first draft.Get the words out on the page, and worryabout polishing it up later.

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Learn the techniques and considerations involved in successfully publishing your book.

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How Do I Write and Publish a Book?

Learn the techniques and considerations involved in successfully publishing your book.

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