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    DARREN MORGAN: My name is Darren Morgan.I am a new head teacher.I've been head teacher for about five months.And I'm really eager to be able to motivate people in my teamto achieve the best that they can dofor the benefit of the school.And I guess that's what I'm seeking Gladeana's help for.[MUSIC PLAYING]

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    NARRATOR: Gladeana McMahon's one of the UK's leading lifecoaches, and today she's come here to chat to Darren Morgan.

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    GLADEANA MCMAHON: So Darren, it's really nice to meet you.How can I help you with your motivation?

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    DARREN MORGAN: OK, well, I'm a brand new head teacher.Started in January, which is five months ago.I guess one of the things I find difficult in head teacher roleis there's so much that I have to do, that I want to do,and I want to achieve so much.And one of the things I need to do is invest in peopleand help them to develop their skills.

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    DARREN MORGAN [continued]: In order to do that, I have to delegate.If I'm being honest, I find delegation hard.

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    GLADEANA MCMAHON: So when you try to delegate,what's hard about it?

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    DARREN MORGAN: I have a vision.I know how I'd like things to be done.Which I know sounds incredibly arrogant,but I'm not an arrogant person.But I'm just saying deep rooted whatmy emotions are on the matter.And if I pass over a task to somebody else,I find it hard to that task isn'tdone how I'd like to do it.

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    GLADEANA MCMAHON: OK.So what I'm really hearing is you're very passionate,you've got high standards, you want to have quality productsall the time, OK?And you invest an awful lot in it.Now if we're looking at motivation, then maybeone of the things we might want to look at--and I know you're great at relationshipsbecause you've done a lot of trainingand you've learned a lot of skills,

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    GLADEANA MCMAHON [continued]: and you care about making those relationships.But I'm actually wondering if it'sa case of to motivate others to help you,they have to get to know you better.

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    DARREN MORGAN: I'm very aware of my glaring weaknesses,and I think I'm aware of the positive aspects of my nature.And one of those is strong relationships.I think I do invest in people, which is important.And I believe things get done reasonably wellbecause, hopefully, we build up a trust.But as a new head teacher, that'sbeen a professional distance, isn't it,

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    DARREN MORGAN [continued]: for me to achieve what I want to achieve.

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    GLADEANA MCMAHON: Well, there need to be boundaries.But if you're going to achieve as a new head,you're going to need to bring people with you.

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    DARREN MORGAN: I do find it a demotivating factorthat I'm not myself in school.I think I'm quite energetic and enthusiasticand those kind of things.But I'm not there yet.And I find that hard.So I agree with you on that matter.And I don't know how, if I'm being honest.I don't know how to amend that.

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    GLADEANA MCMAHON: It's about taking a risk.So my question to you would be, whatwould be so awful if you just went into the schooland were yourself?And then people could warm to you,and then they can come and say, well,let's have a chat about this.Let's, you know, let's find out how Darren works because then I

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    GLADEANA MCMAHON [continued]: can give him what he needs.And that's the real art of delegation.

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    DARREN MORGAN: I feel I do empower people to getthings done.But I don't think it's true delagation.An example is, I suppose, are things like maybea school development plan, or feedbackto governors on assessment data, those kinds of things.I guess because it's my neck on the lineand people are judging me by the outcome.That's why I would find it hard to give [INAUDIBLE] any

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    DARREN MORGAN [continued]: of that task.

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    GLADEANA MCMAHON: Well, you need to make the decision--what tasks do I need to hold on to at this point?What tasks can I delegate?And can I develop a delegation style thatis more relationship-based.They'll never forget you're the head teacher, OK?

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    GLADEANA MCMAHON [continued]: But at the end of the day, it's like, the kids, isn't it?You're still the head teacher, but itdoesn't mean you can't have a good relationship with them.

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    DARREN MORGAN: I'm motivated in everythingthat I do, I'm competitive, want to succeed,and I want other people to succeed, too.The things she said about relationships and investingin people I'll certainly try to do, and that is my motivation.So I'll give it a go, but I do think it will take time.

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    GLADEANA MCMAHON: Well, Darren's got an interesting challengebecause if he's going to motivate his new team,he's going to have to learn to delegate.But delegating means letting go of the control,and that's something he's not going to find that easy.However, he's got to be himself, havegood relationships with people, and Iwonder if he's going to rise to that challenge?[MUSIC PLAYING]

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    NARRATOR: And you can explore the Teachers TV websitefor further ideas on motivation.[MUSIC PLAYING]

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Gladeana McMahon guides Darren Morgan in building work relationships so he can confidently delegate tasks.

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Gladeana McMahon guides Darren Morgan in building work relationships so he can confidently delegate tasks.

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