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    DR. ELBERT P. ALMAZAN: Hello, my name is Dr. Elbert P. Almazan.And I'm an Associate Professor of Sociologyat Central Michigan University at Mount Pleasant, Michigan,in the United States.In this presentation, I will discuss secondary dataanalysis.Secondary data analysis is analysisof already collected data.Specifically, the secondary data that Iwill refer to in this presentation are survey data.

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    DR. ELBERT P. ALMAZAN [continued]: Researchers use statistical analysisin examining survey data.I will be covering the following topics, available survey data,time and cost advantages of using secondary data,data management and statistical analysis of secondary data,methodological strengths of secondary datawith large samples.

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    DR. ELBERT P. ALMAZAN [continued]: You may have some interesting research questions.And you're planning to conduct your own survey to answeryour research questions.Before you consider implementing your own survey,perhaps there are secondary data that you could use addressyour own research questions.There are many secondary survey datathat are available that address many topics.For example, the America National Election Studies

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    DR. ELBERT P. ALMAZAN [continued]: has topics on politics.The Early Childhood Longitudinal Studyhas topics in education and human development.The General Social Survey has topics on social issues.The National Crime Victimization Surveyhas topics on criminology.The National Health Interview Surveyhas topics on health and health care.Secondary data from many other surveyscan be found in the following survey research organizations,

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    DR. ELBERT P. ALMAZAN [continued]: such as the Inter-university Consortium for Politicaland Social Sciences at the University of Michigan,NORC at the University of Chicago,the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention NationalCenter for Health Statistics, the Institute of EducationSciences National Center for Education Statistics,and the Office of Justice ProgramsBureau of Justice Statistics.

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    DR. ELBERT P. ALMAZAN [continued]: As you can see, there are many secondary data availablethat can potentially address your research questions.There are time and cost advantagesof using already collect the data than implementingyour own survey.Survey question wording and secondary data

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    DR. ELBERT P. ALMAZAN [continued]: are often tested and validated.So there's no need to pre-test questions.Secondary data analysis is usuallyexempt from full IRB review.And time and cost are saved from not conducting your own survey.In working with secondary data, youwill need to use a statistics program, such as SPSS, Stata,

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    DR. ELBERT P. ALMAZAN [continued]: or SAS.Since you did not collect the survey data yourself,you may need to do some data management in your statisticsprogram before you perform any statistics procedures.You may want to keep only a specific population of surveyparticipants.

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    DR. ELBERT P. ALMAZAN [continued]: You may need to drop survey participants whodid not give responses to specific survey questions.You may need to create new variablesbased on the variables that were availablein the secondary data.Once you format the secondary data to your liking,you can start statistical analysis.

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    DR. ELBERT P. ALMAZAN [continued]: Some secondary data come from surveys with large samples.The National Crime Victimization Surveyconducts surveys with around 160,000 people each year.The National Health Interview Surveyconducts surveys with around 35,000 people each year.There are strengths in analyzing secondary datafrom large surveys.For example, if you're interested in studying

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    DR. ELBERT P. ALMAZAN [continued]: small populations, such as some Asian American ethnic groupsand American Indian ethnic groups,secondary data from large surveyscan provide large samples of those small populationsto analyze was successful confidence.In addition, secondary data form large surveyscan provide large samples of those who report rare outcomes,such as some sexually transmitted infections.

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    DR. ELBERT P. ALMAZAN [continued]: Many secondary data from large surveyshave cohort studies that they follow for many years.There's always concern when participants drop outof longitudinal surveys, which is called attrition.The concern is lessened when a cohort sample is large.In summary, secondary data analysis

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    DR. ELBERT P. ALMAZAN [continued]: is analysis of already collected data.If the secondary data are survey data,statistical analysis would be utilized.The use and analysis of secondary datacan provide time, cost, and methodological advantagesin addressing your research questions.[MUSIC PLAYING]

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Dr. Elbert P. Almazan presents an overview of secondary data analysis. He highlights the benefits of this type of research, and recommends several data sources.

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An Introduction to Secondary Data Analysis

Dr. Elbert P. Almazan presents an overview of secondary data analysis. He highlights the benefits of this type of research, and recommends several data sources.

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