Sage Research Methods for Professionals and Practitioners


Sage Research Methods can give your organization an edge as you navigate the complex world of corporate research:


Research and teaching hospitals will benefit from the resources available through Sage Research Methods. Our book, case study, video and dataset content will assist with the cutting-edge research programs and innovative approaches to health research that are carried out in this sector. Researchers in hospital environments will be interested in our clinical research content. Teachers will appreciate the hands-on quantitative analysis practice afforded by our datasets collection. Research practitioners can build their confidence by exploring our video collection and the wealth of information on action research and secondary data analysis. To complete the research process, Sage Research Methods provides advice on data archiving – an important feature of maintaining accurate research records.


Researchers working in the non-profit sector will find Sage Research Methods provides them with a range of content that supports their aims and goals. Sage Research Methods contains resources on finding and applying for research funding, as well as practical tips for research management and advice on dissemination of research findings. Data analysis techniques can be practiced with our datasets collection and advanced researchers will enjoy expanding their knowledge through browsing our Little Green Books series.

Research Institutes

Sage Research Methods is the ultimate digital library of research methods content. There is content to support every stage of the research process from applying for research funding through to dissemination of research and all the stages in between. The practicalities of research are important to research institutes and Sage Research Methods Cases provide over 1,500 stories of real research to learn from and be inspired by. For those experienced researchers looking to apply advanced statistical techniques, a great series to turn to is our Little Green Books series.

Public Libraries

Patrons of public libraries will discover a range of useful information in Sage Research Methods that is accessible, discoverable and easy to use. Entrepreneurs looking for information on starting a business will appreciate support on conducting market research for their business plan. Individuals with a keen interest in their own ancestry or recording local history will enjoy browsing our content on oral history research. And those who plan to brush up on their employability skills can practice data analysis techniques with our datasets collection while advanced researchers will enjoy expanding their statistics skills through browsing our Little Green Books series.