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Migration FAQ

Why is SAGE Research Methods moving to a new platform?

SAGE is committed to providing the best user experience possible on SAGE Research Methods, so we’re launching a new platform based on customer and user feedback. In addition to improved search capability and overall usability, tools like the Methods Map are being enhanced in answer to users’ needs. Based on web trends, the new platform will work equally well on desktop, tablet and mobile devices. The new platform will also offer improved discoverability of content and intuitive navigation.

What are the benefits of the new platform?

  • A unified platform for text and video content, providing users with a multimedia research experience
  • A fully responsive site that will work well with all mobile phones and tablet devices
  • Improved discoverability of content, both from within the platform and from external sources
    • We have improved the internal search, meaning better and more relevant results. The Methods Map has been improved, allowing users to explore method concepts with greater ease. The browse options have been enhanced to align with user needs – allowing browse by discipline, content type, and method topic.
    • We have cleaned and improved the metadata that feeds our MARC records and external vendor feeds, and we have made numerous improvements that should help us to appear higher in external search results
  • A focus on modern, enjoyable design for students, faculty, researchers and librarians, based upon extensive user-testing

When will this move happen?

The new platform will go live around June 15, 2016, at which time you will be able to access all of your SAGE Research Methods content on the new platform. An outline of other key dates related to the migration is below:

  • New site live: Live now!
  • MARC Records available: Available now!
  • Original site shutdown: 28th July 2016

This provides customers with a dual access period of six weeks to make changes to proxy servers and update links available in teaching resources.

What do I need to do?

We will contact customers and users to inform them of necessary changes, and will also provide this information below as it becomes available. 

If you have any other questions or feedback? Please contact:

Discoverability and Indexing

When will the new SAGE Research Methods be surfaced in Google and other mainstream search engines?

  • While both the old and new SAGE Research Methods platforms are live, we will be taking measures to optimize indexing for open-web search engines like Google. We expect that mainstream search indexes will capture the new SAGE Research Methods site after launch and that users will be directed to the new site after the cut-off in July 2016.

When will updated SAGE Research Methods data be made available to discovery services - like EDS or Primo?

  • Updated URLs and other metadata to support the new SAGE Research Methods platform will be made available to discovery service providers in May 2016, with the hope that they will update their indexes by the launch date of the new platform 15th June 2016. The specific date this will be ready is dependent upon the vendors themselves.

MARC Records

How can I download MARC Records?

What changes are being made to the MARC Records?

  • While the SAGE Research Methods products will be new and improved, and we’re enriching our metadata in many ways, our SAGE Research Methods MARC records will be updated only in the 856 field to show the new platform URLs. We recommend library customers update their local records with the new URL information – which you will also be able to see via a URL mapping file that is being created and will be made available through this page soon.

What are the options that are available for download?

  • We will provide options to download MARC Record files that cover the following scenarios from the website (exact link to follow):
  1. Records for the whole SAGE Research Methods suite of products

  2. Records for original SAGE Research Methods product only

  3. Records for the SAGE Research Methods Cases product only

  4. Records for the SAGE Research Methods Datasets product only

  • If downloaded through Secure Center further options are available:
  1. Records updated between dates that you specify 

  2. Records filtered by the content to which you have access

When will I be able to download these revised MARC Records for the new site?

  • We are planning to provide the updated MARC Records by the time the new site goes live, on 15th June 2016.

Link Resolvers and Knowledgebases

Do I need to make changes to my link resolver to reflect the new platform?

What should I do if my patrons cannot access content through my link resolver?

  • You should first check they are set up correctly in Secure Center, and then contact to check if we have the correct link resolver details. If we do, you will need to reach out to your provider to assess the issue further.

When will updated SAGE Research Methods data be made available to knowledgebases - like SFX and 360?

  • Updated URLs and other metadata to support the new SAGE Research Methodsplatform will be made available to knowledgebase providers in May 2016 with the aim that they will update their indexes by 15th June 2016, the date that the new platform will go-live. However the specific date is dependent on the vendors themselves.

COUNTER Reporting

Where can I download COUNTER reports for the new platform?

  • You will be able to download COUNTER reports for the new SAGE Research Methods platform in Secure Center.

Which reports will you offer?

  • The follow COUNTER 4 reports are available for SAGE Research Methods:
  1. Database Report 1 – by product in SAGE Research Methods

  2. Database Report 2 – by product in SAGE Research Methods

  3. Platform Report 1 – all SAGE Research Methods products

  4. Multimedia Report 1 – SAGE Research Methods Video only (from 30th June 2016)

When will COUNTER reports for the new platform first be made available?

  • The first COUNTER reports will be available mid-July 2016 covering usage of the new site from June 2016

Where will I be able to download COUNTER usage reports of the current SAGE Research Methods platform?

  • These reports will be available to you through the existing Account Management System (AMS) until the current SAGE Research Methods platform is switched off on 28th July 2016.
  • After the current platform is switched off on 28th July 2016, usage reports for the current platform will be made available to customers through Secure Center

Will my institution's COUNTER usage be combined into one report during the dual access period while both platforms are live?

  • No, we will not combine these reports. In order to get a comprehensive view of your institution's usage, you will need to download both the report for the current platform, and the new platform.

Why might I see my institution's COUNTER usage for SAGE Research Methods decrease?

  • Usage will be spread between the two platforms during the dual access period. Make sure you have taken into account the combined usage of both platforms.

Is this COUNTER usage compliant with SUSHI harvesting?

  • Yes, our COUNTER usage reports remain compliant with SUSHI

Proxy Servers

What is the new proxy stanza?

  • The new proxy stanza is:

HTTPHeader X-Requested-With

T SAGE Research Methods





MimeFilter application/json .* javascript

Find url = "http://

Replace url = "http://^A



Find "

Replace "^^

When do I need to change my settings?

  • You should change these details during the dual access period, between 15th June 2016 and 28th July 2016, in order to be confident that your users have access to the new platform before the current platform is switched off. As soon as you make this change your users will be automatically directed to the new site.

What do I do if I experience trouble setting up the new SAGE Research Methods platform with my proxy service?

  • Please check that you have updated your stanza. Should you continue to have problems, please contact Online Support at and provide full screenshots and your EzProxy IP, to help us troubleshoot the issue.

OpenAthens and Shibboleth

What level of support will I receive for Athens and Shibboleth?

  • SAGE Research Methods will support federated access through EduGain. Any member institutions of federations within EduGain (listed here: will be able to authenticate users through Shibboleth or OpenAthens.

Will my entity ID be migrated? Do I need to make any changes?

  • Your entity ID will be migrated with your account details.

IP Ranges

Will my IP range be migrated? Will my patrons be able to access the product by IP range from launch?

  • Yes. All customer IP ranges will be migrated to Secure Center, which will be the new access control system. This will happen in advance of the launch date on 15th June 2016.

Will I be able to update my IP range?

  • You will not be able to update your IP range yourself, but we can do this for you. If you wish to update your IP range, please contact us at with the details and we will do this for you.


What redirects will be in place from the current platform to the new platform?

  • Permanent redirects will be added at the end of the dual access period on 28th July 2016, from all content pages to the corresponding content page on the new platform. There will also be permanent redirects at the chapter and entry level.
  • A URL mapping file is being created and will be available from this page soon.

Secure https pages on the new SAGE Research Methods platform

Will there be secure https pages on the new SAGE Research Methods site?

  • There will be both https (secure) and http (regular) versions of all pages on the SAGE Research Methods platform.

Institutional Logo

Will my institution's logo automatically appear on the new platform?

  • We are unable to migrate institutional logos from the current platform to the new platform. We encourage you to upload a new logo to your account in Secure Center.

Admin username and password

Will my old admin username and password remain valid for Secure Center?

  • This depends on whether you have an existing account in Secure Center already (i.e. forSAGE Knowledge, SAGE Video, or CQ Press products)
    • If yes, you should use the credentials that are associated with your existing Secure Center account.
    • If no, you will need to set up a new username and password. Please contact Online Support at, or contact your SAGE representative.

I am having trouble logging into my admin account in Secure Center. What should I do?

Individual authentication usernames and passwords

I have access to SAGE Research Methods through an individual username and password. Will I still be able to access the platform with my current credentials?

  • If your access to the platform is on an individual basis, for example through an individual trial or if you have been given author access, then your username and password will remain the same on the new site. Your profile, if you have set one up, will also be migrated as described in the section below about Personal Profiles, Method Lists and Saved Searches.


Is SAGE Research Methods accessible?

  • SAGE Publishing is committed to providing the best possible experience to all users. To that end, we regularly assess and enhance our platforms and content, including SAGE Research Methods, to incorporate accessible features. We assess our sites using WCAG AA and Section 508 guidelines, and will be creating an updated VPAT for SAGE Research Methods upon completion in mid-2016.

Personal Profiles, Method Lists and Saved Searches

Will my existing personal profile be available on the new SAGE Research Methods?

  • Yes, if you had an active profile with at least one saved Reading List then your personal profile will be migrated across to the new site. When you first visit the new site, click ‘Profile’ in the top right hand corner of the page, and click ‘Reset you password’. Follow the instructions to reset your password. Once this is done you will be able to login.

Will my Method Lists be available on the new site?

  • Yes, all your lists will be migrated across. They will now be called Reading Lists, but will contain all the content they contained on the current site.

Will my Saved Searches be available on the new site?

  • No, they will not be available. The new site performs searches in a different manner to the current site. This means that saved searches cannot be migrated.

Referral URL

Do I need to update my referring URL?

  • To continue to use SAGE Research Methods via Referral URL, we ask you to re-supply your starting URL. As our URL has changed, we advise you to change the point URL to the new URL as the redirects from the old site may break the referral. Please email us your referral URLs and account details and we will be happy to set this up for you.

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