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Getting Started with SAGE Research Methods

We've gathered a selection of helpful resources for librarians and library account managers of SAGE Research Methods subscribing institutions. Can't find what you're looking for? Get in touch!

Increase Discoverability of SAGE Research Methods

To help your patrons make the most of the rich content in SAGE Research Methods, be sure to add it to your library catalog and website. Download the MARC records for the the titles and list SAGE Research Methods in your A-to-Z database list as well as in your database subject listings under the appropriate disciplines.

Discoverability Checklist

Download the SAGE Research Methods Discoverability Checklist that outlines suggested steps and additional information for improving discovery of the content in order to ensure users can easily locate the material hosted on SAGE Research Methods.

MARC Records

Download the full MARC records for our products from

Case Studies

Title Lists

Download the full title lists for:

  • 2022 SAGE Research Methods Books & Reference (Core) - Excel
  • 2022 SAGE Research Methods Cases Part 1 - Excel
  • 2022 SAGE Research Methods Cases Part 2 - Excel
  • 2022 SAGE Research Methods Cases: Medicine and Health - Excel
  • 2022 SAGE Research Methods Datasets Part 1- Excel
  • 2022 SAGE Research Methods Datasets Part 2 - Excel
  • 2022 SAGE Research Methods Video - Excel
  • 2022 SAGE Research Methods Video: Practical Research & Academic Skills Video - Excel
  • 2021 SAGE Research Methods Video: Data Science, Big Data Analytics, & Digital Methods - Excel - 2022 Update Titles - Excel
  • 2022 SAGE Research Methods Video: Market Research - Excel
  • 2022 SAGE Research Methods Video: Medicine and Health - Excel
  • 2022 SAGE Research Methods Video: Research Ethics & Integrity - Excel
  • 2022 SAGE Research Methods Podcasts - Excel
  • 2022 SAGE Research Methods: Foundations - Excel
  • 2022 SAGE Research Methods: Data Visualization - Excel
  • 2022 SAGE Research Methods: Doing Research Online - Excel

User Guide

SAGE Research Methods User Guide


Tutorial Flyers

The flyers above include a box for customization.  Simply add your library's info, print, and distribute to direct patrons to SAGE Research Methods!

SAGE Research Methods LibGuide

Check out the SAGE Research Methods LibGuide, and please feel free to incorporate it into your own LibGuide Collections!

Link Resolvers

Link Resolvers work with SAGE Research Methods. If you you are a customer, go to Secure Center to add and amend your details. If you experience any difficulty doing this, please contact us and we'll be happy to help. 

COUNTER Reporting

SAGE Research Methods offers the following COUNTER Reports, which are all compliant with SUSHI harvesting:

  • Database Report 1 – by product in SAGE Research Methods
  • Database Report 2 – by product in SAGE Research Methods
  • Platform Report 1 – all SAGE Research Methods products
  • Multimedia Report 1 – for the SAGE Research Methods Video product as well as the videos in SAGE Research Methods

If you you are a customer, go to Secure Center to add and amend your details. If you experience any difficulty doing this, please contact us and we'll be happy to help.

    Please note: following the migration of SAGE Research Methods to our new platform there has been a change in the way that COUNTER usage is recorded and reported.

    On the old platform all usage of the original SAGE Research Methods product, whether of books, reference works or video, was captured as part of the Database 1 report. This report shows Total Searches, Result Clicks and Record Views by Month.

    With the migration of the platform, and the launch of SAGE Research Methods Video, this has changed. The SAGE Research Methods Video product is reported using Multimedia Report 1, per COUNTER guidelines.

    Usage of the around 50 videos in the original SAGE Research Methods product is now also recorded via Multimedia Report 1.

    In other words, usage for the original SAGE Research Method product is now split between Database Report 1 and Multimedia Report 1. For a complete picture of the usage of the original SAGE Research Methods product please combine both reports together.

    In Multimedia Report 1 usage of the videos on the original product will be labelled as “SAGE Research Methods” and usage of the videos in the new SAGE Research Methods Video collection will be labelled as “SAGE Research Methods Video”.

    Proxy Servers

    All our products support EzProxy, and the latest stanza for set up can be found at:

    Should you recently have added the stanza for any other SAGE product, nothing further is required.

    If you experience any difficulty with this stanza, please contact us and we'll be happy to help.

    OpenAthens and Shibboleth

    SAGE Research Methods will support federated access through EduGain. Any member institutions of federations within EduGain (to check this please see this list) will be able to authenticate users through Shibboleth or OpenAthens.

    You can add your institutional logo to SAGE Research Methods so that it appears at the top left of the site. To do this visit Secure Center and add your logo

    Secure Center

    Secure Center is the name of the administrative system we use for SAGE Research Methods. If you have an existing account in Secure Center already (i.e. for SAGE Knowledge, SAGE Video, or CQ Press products) you can use the credentials that are associated with your existing Secure Center account to access options for SAGE Research Methods.

    If you are a new customer you will need to set up a new username and password. Please contact Online Support or contact your SAGE representative.


    SAGE Publishing is committed to providing the best possible experience to all users. If you're interested in the accessibility features of SAGE Research Methods, see our accessibility guide. To request a VPAT or make general inquiries, please contact

    Place a banner ad for SAGE Research Methods on your library website to link patrons directly to the resource. Simply right-click the image below and save to your computer.

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    Embed a Search Widget for SAGE Research Methods

    Copy and paste this code into your website, LibGuide or course management system:

    Download Customizable SAGE Research Methods Posters

    Download these poster PDFs and add your own logo and website info in the editable box, then print them out to hang up and direct users to SAGE Research Methods:

    WikipediaMethod to the Madness

    Please note when adding your library’s logo to these posters, the logo file must be in .pdf format.

    Powerpoint Slides

    Do you use looping Powerpoint presentations to advertise your resources?  Use these slides to promote SAGE Research Methods!

    Widescreen format

    Standard format

    Shelf Tag

    Want to put a shelf tag in the methods section to alert users that you have more resources online?  Look no further!

    SRM Shelf Tags

    Sample Social Media Posts

    Increase usage of your library's SAGE Research Methods products by driving awareness by posting these social media posts on your library or institution's social media accounts.

    Email Announcement Templates

    Let the students and faculty at your institution know that your library provides access to SAGE Research Methods by sending them these email announcements!