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Analytic Autoethnography

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Analytic Autoethnography
Analytic AutoethnographyLeonAndersonOhio University23 ppSAGE Publications, Inc.
2455 Teller RoadThousand OaksCalifornia91320United States of America
August, 2006354373373395

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Anderson, L(2006)‘Analytic autoethnography’, Journal of Contemporary Ethnography35, 4, 373-395.

Autoethnography has recently become a popular form of qualitative research. The current discourse on this genre of research refers almost exclusively to “evocative autoethnography” that draws upon postmodern sensibilities and whose advocates distance themselves from realist and analytic ethnographic traditions. The dominance of evocative autoethnography has obscured recognition of the compatibility of autoethnographic research with more traditional ethnographic practices. The author proposes the termanalytic autoethnography to refer to research in which the researcher is (1) a full member in the research group or setting, (2) ...

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