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Integrative Analysis for Mixed Methods Research

By: Pat Bazeley | Edited by: Paul Atkinson, Sara Delamont, Alexandru Cernat, Joseph W. Sakshaug & Richard A. Williams Published: 2019 | Length:   5 | DOI: |
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Mixed methods research is an approach in which the researcher purposefully integrates varied types of data (usually including both numbers and text) and/or varied approaches to analysis of data so that they become interdependent in achieving a common theoretical or research outcome—an outcome that might not have been achievable using a single qualitative or quantitative approach (Bazeley, 2010, 2018). Mixed methods research is therefore distinguished by (a) use of more than one approach to data collection and/or analysis and (b) the manner in which those approaches are combined to produce a cohesive, enhanced whole. These features will be reflected in the depth and/or breadth of conclusions drawn and in the way in which evidence for those conclusions is presented. This entry begins with an introduction ...

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