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Blalock, Hubert

By: David Byrne | Edited by: Paul Atkinson, Sara Delamont, Alexandru Cernat, Joseph W. Sakshaug & Richard A. Williams Published: 2020 | Length:   3 | DOI: |
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Hubert Blalock (1926–1991) was an internationally respected sociologist, especially with regard to statistical research methods. This entry provides a brief background into Blalock’s upbringing and academic career, including his contributions to research regarding measurement, causal inference, and social inequality. The entry concludes with a look at the legacy he left behind through his academic work and publications.


Blalock, born in Baltimore, MD, in 1926, joined the Navy for 2 years during World War II before returning to Dartmouth College to complete his undergraduate degree in mathematics. His Navy service gave him insight into popular attitudes towards race in the United States, which his relatively privileged upbringing had not. Blalock volunteered at Quaker projects directed towards serving the underprivileged and in particular Black Americans. In the course ...

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Statistical inference

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