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Becker, Howard S.

By: Jason Hughes | Edited by: Paul Atkinson, Sara Delamont, Alexandru Cernat, Joseph W. Sakshaug & Richard A. Williams Published: 2019 | Length:   5 | DOI: |
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Howard Saul Becker (1928–) is among the most prominent and widely renowned sociologists of the post–World War II era. Best known for his writings on deviance, drug use, art, music, photography, and, later in his career, writing and methodology, his work eludes any simple categorisation. Indeed, much of what is often claimed or assumed about Becker is at least partially incorrect on this account. This entry provides a detailed picture of Becker and his scholarly contributions, beginning with a look at some misconceptions about his approach. Next, the entry provides a biographical sketch of Becker’s intellectual development and career. It concludes with a thorough examination of Becker’s sociological work, with a particular focus on his model of intertwining lived experience and research practice.


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