Embedding & Sharing Content

Email and Social Media Sharing

Throughout Sage Research Methods, you'll find the "Share" button. Clicking on this button allows you to easily share content via email or social media with your students and colleagues. The email feature is particularly useful when you need to send content to an individual. For example, if a student has a question about the Philosophy of Research, you can easily send them a direct link to the Project Planner entry on that topic using the Share tool. If you want to share content with a larger audience, consider using the methods below.

Create and Share Reading Lists

One of Sage Research Methods' oldest and well-used Research Tools, Reading Lists allow you to use lists created by other Sage Research Methods users in your work, or to easily create and save your own reading lists. Simply create a profile, and start saving content as you browse Sage Research Methods. The "List" button can be found at the top right of every content page, right next to the "Share" button. 

Once you've clicked on the "List" button, you can add the content to either an existing list or a new one. When you create a new list, decide whether or not you want it to be public or private. A public list can be seen by all Sage Research Methods users, while a private list will only be seen by users you share it with.

It's easy to collect all the resources you need for your class into one reading list that can be shared with your students and edited throughout the course.

Create and Share Custom Searches

If you want to share relevant content with your students without working to build a reading list, consider saving a search and sharing a unique link with your students. There is a save button at the top right of all search results pages that you can use to generate a unique URL for your specific search. You can save and share links to broad searches, like "action research," which has over 8,000 results. Or you can use the advanced search to limit your search, if, for example, you only want students to look at content published in the last two years.

To find your Saved Searches, visit your profile. Every Saved Search will have a unique URL that you can easily share with students or colleagues.

Embedding Content into your LMS

You can generate html embed codes for reading lists and videos on SRM. Use these codes to share content with students directly in your Learning Management System. 

Follow the steps below to start embedding videos and reading lists!

1. On any video or reading list, look for the embed () button on the right. After you click on the embed button, copy the html iframe code. 

2. Open up your learning management system and navigate to the area in which you want to post this. This could be part of your course content.

3. Find your menu (build content) and select the option which allows you to create a page (item).

4. Add a name for your new page and add a description in the body of the page if desired.

5. Find and select the html editor [] or [HTML]. You can now paste your copied embed code and save the html.

6. You will receive a success message and your page with your embedded reading list will appear in the content area. All newly added content appears at the bottom of the area you selected, so you may need to scroll to the bottom if you have other content already in this area of your course. You can check the page by viewing as a student. Please let us know if you have difficulty with sharing: onlinesupport@sagepub.com.