About Sage Research Methods: Doing Research Online

Doing Research Online has been designed to support both novice and experienced social science researchers. Whether conducting your first or hundredth research study online, you will find the support to employ a variety of digital methods from online surveys and interviews to digital ethnography, social media, and text analysis. Multimedia content, including videos, case studies, practice datasets and practical how-to-guides cover all the main research steps, from defining a research topic to analysing digital data. Privacy and other ethical considerations specific to conducting research online are also covered. 

Advisory Board

Claire Hewson, Open University, UK,
Jasmine Kirby, Carnegie Mellon University, Qatar
Robert Kozinets, University of Southern California, USA
Anders Kristian Munk, Aalborg University, Denmark
Naomi Sugie, University of California, Irvine, USA
Mark Wong, University of Glasgow, UK