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Parental Incarceration and Child Wellbeing: Analyzing Semi-Structured Interviews Using a Phenomenological Approach

By: , & Published: 2019 | Product: SAGE Research Methods Datasets Part 2

This research methods case will be most useful to scholars with open-ended interview data and assuming a phenomenological approach. A semi-structured interview transcript from a study on the effects of parental incarceration and child wellbeing in the United States is used to illustrate that process. The transcript is provided by Damir S. Utržan, PhD, LMFT, Caitlin R. Curry, MA, and Veronica L. Horowitz, MA, ABD. Dr. Utržan is a post-doctoral fellow in the Division of General Pediatrics and Adolescent Health, Department of Pediatrics, at the University of Minnesota (UMN) Medical School. Ms. Curry and Horowitz are doctoral students in the Department of Sociology, College of Liberal Arts, at UMN. A six-step analytic approach, with three methods to identify themes, is used to capture the underlying participant experiences. The dataset file is accompanied by a Teaching Guide and a Student Guide.

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Semi-structured interviews

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