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Analysing Ethnographic Research Methods: The Importance of Retaining Immersion During the Analytic Process Using Research From UK-Based Learning Disability Social Care Settings

By: Published: 2019 | Product: SAGE Research Methods Datasets Part 2

This teaching material provides an example of the methodological and analytical interplay between two commonly used methods in ethnographic research: fieldnotes and interviews, both of which are ways to record experiences and interpretations made from participant observation during ethnographic research. This fieldwork material is provided by Dr. Carys Banks and is taken from her doctoral research that explored experiences of government policy within the everyday practice of learning disability support settings in the UK. The material provided offers a means of applying methods and analysing ethnographic material in ways that allow the ethnographer, as much as is possible, to retain a connection to the context from which the material emerged. The example will describe how these important aspects can be achieved by developing processes of coding and analysing both written and aural material captured during fieldwork. It also shows how these developments inform the study design itself. The dataset files are accompanied by a Teaching Guide and a Student Guide.

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