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Understanding The Creative Industries Entrepreneur: A Qualitative Study

By: Published: 2019 | Product: SAGE Research Methods Cases in Business and Management
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Entrepreneurship and creativity matter because they potentially provide new ways to envision and organize society: They are also dominant theoretical constructs in the social sciences. This case study surfaces data collection and analysis issues in a research project that straddled these theoretical areas to investigate the space between them, and, departing from the largely positivist approaches taken in earlier studies, investigated the lived experiences of eight individuals who pursue entrepreneurial opportunity in the creative industries in Ireland. A social constructionist stance underpinned the study, acknowledging that individuals construct meaning from their own individual experiences but within the context of their social environment. To gain an understanding of lived experience, a qualitative phenomenological attitude was adopted. Semi-structured interviews were conducted with eight individuals running businesses in the creative industries. Data were analyzed using interpretative phenomenological analysis techniques. An idiographic focus led to the identification of one distinguishing theme for each participant and eight cross-case themes. This case study focuses on the researcher experience of conducting qualitative research, as opposed to the findings from the research. In particular, issues relating to data collection and analysis are presented, all within the context of the interpretative phenomenological analysis method.

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