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Investigating Students' Capacities to Develop the Cognitive Skills of Executive Function: An Action Research Study

By: Published: 2016 | Product: SAGE Research Methods Cases Part 1
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This research project case discusses the methodology and research tools used in an action research study that was designed to support students' intrapersonal intelligence as defined by Howard Gardner (1993) in both the dimensions of self-knowledge and the cognitive capacities of executive function (Moran & Gardner, 2007). This involved planning an intervention programme based on differentiated activities, facilitating students' efforts to set goals based on self-selected tasks, gathering data from a variety of sources and overcoming some significant difficulties that had the potential to negatively impact on the study itself. A discussion of these complications, the resolution of these problematic issues and the complexities of implementing a research project employing a deceptively ‘simple’ research method can be found in the case narrative that follows.

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