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Social Mobilisation for Housing Rights: A Qualitative Case Study Using Semi-Structured Interviews

By: Published: 2016 | Product: SAGE Research Methods Cases Part 1
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This methods case is a qualitative research study whose purpose is to explore social movements' strategies to pressure government for housing rights. It highlights the particular importance of explaining case selection in qualitative studies. In qualitative studies, especially, it is crucial to the validity of claims to justify why a specific case study, in a sea of other case studies, was chosen. In this methods case, I provide an account of one specific study I performed in Latin America on social mobilisation for housing rights at the local government level. It was an exploratory study conducted with members of a local housing council in the city of Maracanaú, Brazil. The case sheds light on purposive sample, as strategic social actors were chosen based on their experience and significance for the study. Finally, this case study provides an important insight on the details of the research process, in order to make the reader aware of the research background.

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Qualitative interviewing

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