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Adoption of Snowball Sampling Technique in an Exploratory Study of Disabled Entrepreneurship

By: Published: 2019 | Product: SAGE Research Methods Cases Part 2
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This case study adopts a snowball sampling method with disabled entrepreneurs in the Sultanate of Oman. I wanted to explore disabled entrepreneurs’ contributions, motivations, and challenges, because this area of research had been neglected and largely remained untapped in this part of the world. As an exploratory study, this research aimed to identify the potential factors, which affect disabled entrepreneurs’ business ventures and the growth of their businesses. I first observed that disabled entrepreneurship is relatively unfamiliar both to individuals with disability and disability organizations in Oman. Furthermore, within most entrepreneurship research, there seems to be little room for disability; most theories assume that entrepreneurs are able people. For the purpose of my study, I utilized a snowball sampling method and conducted several semi-structured interviews with disabled entrepreneurs in specific geographical regions of Oman. I had to identify a key informant to help contact hard-to-reach participants. The process which I underwent to conduct this study together with the challenges with snowball sampling technique are discussed in this case study.

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