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Single-Subject, Multiple-Baseline Design: Using Mindfulness Interventions with Co-Occurring Asthma and Anxiety

By: , , & Published: 2016 | Product: SAGE Research Methods Cases Part 1
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This case study provides information on conducting a single-subject, multiple-baseline design for people who experience both asthma and anxiety. These two conditions are often comorbid, and the symptoms of each condition can work against those of the other. There is growing support for the use of different mind–body practices in general, but also specifically for the use of yoga and other mindfulness techniques as either complementary or alternative treatments for people who have anxiety. Less well-developed is the literature on the use of mindfulness practices for people with both anxiety and asthma. In this case, we will discuss a completed, published study that successfully implemented a yoga intervention with school-aged children, as well as an ongoing study that is using guided meditations with adults. Both groups of participants had documented asthma and anxiety, and both cases utilized multiple-baseline design.

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Methods Map

Experimental design

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