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Retrospective Case Series Analysis: Clinical Outcomes From a Novel Classification System in Orthopedic Hand Surgery

By: & Published: 2020 | Product: SAGE Research Methods Cases: Medicine and Health
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This research methods case study describes the unique aspects of designing, applying, and studying a novel classification system in orthopedic hand surgery. This case illustrates the process of how to develop a new system, implement the system into an existing model, and retrospectively study the clinical outcomes of the system. As it pertains to orthopedic surgery and our orthopedic practice, we describe the pearls and pitfalls to conducting a retrospective analysis; describing the challenges we faced and how we made the most of our data to overcome them. After working through this methods case, we expect students to be able to design their own retrospective studies, develop and integrate their innovations into existing models, and comprehend how retrospective research is conducted in a clinical (orthopedic) setting.

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