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Hermeneutic Inquiry: Researching Lived Experience of Mental Health and Recovery in a Christian Monastery in Contemporary Sweden

By: & Published: 2018 | Product: SAGE Research Methods Cases
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In this case study, we, the student Nadya and her supervisor Lena, will describe the process and challenges associated with conducting an empirical study for a master’s degree in caring science in psychiatric nursing. We will describe how the idea for the thesis evolved, theoretical and practical preparations, as well as methodological procedures in relation to data collection and analysis. We will also share some reflections we made in relation to challenges encountered during this study. Many of these reflections were directed toward methodological aspects of the study. However, along the way, it also became clear that experiences from conducting the study also yielded important knowledge and understanding about mental health care. The reflections about what happened in the encounter between Nadya and the participants added depth not only to our understanding of the subject for this study, that is, how mental health, care, and recovery are experienced by people in a Christian monastery in contemporary Sweden, but also shed light on important aspects of mental health nursing in relation to modern psychiatry.

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