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Research through Gaming: Public Perceptions of (the Future of) Identity Management

By: , & Published: 2014 | Product: SAGE Research Methods Cases Part 1
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As part of a larger project addressing (the future of) identity management technologies, we wanted to survey public perceptions and use of such technologies. Keen to avoid or at least mitigate the effects of survey fatigue among our respondents, we decided to create a research game. In doing so, we would create for respondents a character and a mission and transform our research questions into game scenarios and challenges. In this case study, we discuss the process involved and the ways that the principles of gamification can be adopted in relatively low-cost ways by researchers working with limited resources. Several matters for consideration and potential drawbacks are also identified and considered; as with any innovative approach, researchers must be reflexive, but they can be rewarded with rich data – and happy respondents.

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