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Recruitment of African American Men Into a Community-Based Exercise Training Trial: The ARTIIS Study

By: , , , & Edited by: Published: 2020 | Product: SAGE Research Methods Cases: Medicine and Health
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Few studies have documented the strategies that are used to recruit African American men into clinical trials. This study reports on the strategies used to recruit men into a 5-month exercise training trial. Three different broad strategies were used to recruit men into the study, including earned media (e.g., email, TV), paid media (e.g., radio, newspaper), and community outreach (e.g., churches, community events). The recruitment strategies were implemented by a single recruiter with the support of four study spokespersons. There were 677 men who were phone screened and 113 who were randomized into the study. Community outreach efforts resulted in the largest number of men who were both phone screened and randomized (~80%). Paid media was the strategy that resulted in the fewest phone screens per randomization (efficiency). Although labor intensive and time consuming, community outreach efforts was the most effective strategy to recruit African American men into a clinical trial.

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