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An Inaugural Qualitative Systematic Review of the Literature for Stroke Survivors Living in Long-Term Care Facilities

By: Published: 2017 | Product: SAGE Research Methods Cases Part 2
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Writing a systematic review of the literature on a chosen topic for the first time can be daunting, especially as a student without specialist domain knowledge. Nevertheless, the accessibility of reliable, peer-reviewed articles from the literature provides the perfect platform for any individual to research a topic. The information is always available, but the skill to utilize it to its fullest potential needs to be acquired. This case study outlines the process of conducting a systematic review on the care of stroke survivors living in long-term care facilities. The challenges faced, knowledge and skills developed, and specific strategies learnt from this experience are summarized. The reader will learn about the issues that arose during the research pertaining to stroke survivors and long-term care facilities, but the learning points will be generalizable to the conduct of most systematic reviews. Being competent in performing reviews of the literature is a vital foundation for research and critiquing articles. Learning about the challenges and issues from a student’s perspective first-hand can equip other students with core skills to review the literature successfully and give them more confidence in this area.

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