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A Qualitative Case Study on How to Use Project Benefit Managers to Ensure Benefit Realization

By: Published: 2019 | Product: SAGE Research Methods Cases Part 2
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Many organizations establish change projects to ensure the development of the business. However, often organizations have difficulties in measuring whether the business achieved the expected benefit. The case study took place in the financial sector where the implementation of a new concept had failed. Management decided to re-launch the project to ensure proper implementation of the new concept. As a means of ensuring implementation, it was decided to have three branch managers participate in the project team as project benefit managers. In the case study, we explored whether using branch managers in a peer-to-peer role as project benefit managers would provide the organization with the expected benefit. With access to a rare case with rich data, we decided on qualitative research. We had planned how we would navigate and conduct the research. However, we encountered some issues when one of the benefit managers had trouble, as completion of tests were not satisfactorily. A prolonged testing period meant an extended research period. Also, one valuable lesson learned was how simple interviews could reveal unexpected information. We found the ability to explore the case in-depth provided exciting findings on the importance of the project benefit manager’s network when acting in peer-to-peer situations.

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