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Reading Between the Lines: Using Qualitative Constant Comparison to Examine Professional Reflection in the Medical Field

By: , & Published: 2017 | Product: SAGE Research Methods Cases Part 2
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After completing my Doctor of Pharmacy degree, I pursued a master’s degree in education to further prepare me for the world of academia. As a part of my educational research training, I chose to use qualitative methods to evaluate a teaching certificate program from my College. Since I was familiar with quantitative methods in the medical field, qualitative research methods made me uncomfortable and I honestly did not know whether qualitative methods could be as powerful as quantitative results. I was certainly a qualitative skeptic despite having chosen this methodology for my research project. This case study provides an account of my journey to learn qualitative research methods and uncover a story behind quantitative data to evaluate a program that teaches non-educationally trained pharmacy residents and faculty to teach. This 3-year project was one filled with frustrations and failures but also excitements and successes. This case illuminates the value of qualitative research in a field that is historically quantitatively minded.

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