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A Personal Journey of Identifying, Developing, and Publishing Survey-Based Research in an Emerging Research Area: Incubation of Early Stage Technology Entrepreneurial Ventures

By: Published: 2019 | Product: SAGE Research Methods Cases Part 2
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Conducting research in a newly emerging research area presents unique challenges. The context of this case study is the development of a survey-based research study on the incubation process of early stage technology ventures when this research topic was first emerging. Through this case study you will go on a journey covering the selection of a research topic, development and fine-tuning of a research question, streamlining a literature review, adapting measurement scales from tangential literature streams, executing a survey instrument, conducting in-person interviews to gain explanatory depth of survey results, using conferences for feedback, and surviving the journal review process even when reviewers disagree. This case begins during doctoral student days and culminates to a journal publication post-graduation. Thus, this case is particularly relevant for ambitious doctoral students who want to move beyond incremental research and pursue interesting and newly emerging topics.

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