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Parallel Online Survey of Two Professional Midwifery Groups in One U.S. State

By: , , , , , , & Published: 2017 | Product: SAGE Research Methods Cases Part 2
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There currently exist little data regarding the nature and scope of midwifery practice in the United States. This case was based on a state-wide survey of two different midwifery clinicians in the state of Texas, USA—both certified nurse-midwives and professional midwives. Midwives from these two professional groups are certified by two different certifying bodies and are licensed by two different state boards, but have some overlapping professional functions. This research developed two different parallel surveys for distribution to Texas certified nurse-midwives (N = 449) and certified professional midwives (N = 212) using the REDCap data management system hosted by the University of Colorado. The workforce survey was adapted for use in this research and included approximately 112 items across eight areas; where possible, identical items were used. A total of 143 certified nurse-midwives out of 449 responded to the survey for a response rate of 31.8%; a total of 75 certified professional midwives out of a total of 212 responded for a response rate of 35.4%. Although there were limitations in this Internet survey research, use of the REDCap data management system was a valuable and useful tool in collecting and comparing data between two parallel midwifery groups. The case study provides discussion of the practical aspects of surveying two professional groups and details important considerations for successful execution of a survey. Lessons learned in the conduct of this research are described.

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