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Panel Studies: The Wyndham Household Panel

By: Published: 2015 | Product: SAGE Research Methods Cases
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There are many types of household panels, but generally members are recruited to a panel so that they can be questioned on multiple occasions over a period of time. There are advantages to having a sample of people available for years rather than conducting multiple surveys with different respondents to each questionnaire, but panels also provide sampling, attrition and resourcing issues. While some of the best known panels are national in scope and deal with life events or special topics such as employment and income, the case presented here discusses a special type – sometimes called a citizen panel – that is designed to provide input to policy makers. Sampling bias, measures to counter attrition and choosing the right question type provide additional challenges in such cases, as demonstrated in the creation and operation of the Wyndham Household Panel.

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Methods Map

Quantitative data collection

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