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Doing Organizational Research Using Micro-Linguistic Analyses: The Case of Leadership

By: Published: 2019 | Product: SAGE Research Methods Cases Part 2
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In this case study, I provide a description of how I carried out micro-analyses of naturally occurring talk related to the doing of leadership in organizations. This study resulted in a publication in a top-ranked journal: Leadership. I take the reader who is interested in fine-grained linguistic analyses within an organizational setting through the research process from gathering data to final publication. The case study describes how to collect, transcribe, and analyze data using techniques derived from conversation analysis. Furthermore, breaking down disciplinary boundaries, the study describes how to link such micro-linguistic analyses to themes of broader interest to organizational studies and leadership studies in particular. More specifically, this case study illustrates how to do such analyses by showcasing the use of the Montreal School’s notion of the communicative constitution of organization.

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