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Observing a Student Peer-Mentoring Activity through Symbolic Interactionism and Functional Linguistics

By: Published: 2014 | Product: SAGE Research Methods Cases Part 1
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The case presented here adopts a Symbolic Interactionist Observational Approach, as well as Systemic Functional Linguistics, to assess the effectiveness of a student peer-mentoring activity. Three of the author's Level 6 Education Studies students are invited to re-enact their Integrated Learning Project for the Level 5 cohort of students. In order to analyse the students' use of gestures, a Symbolic Interactionist Observational Approach was adopted. In addition, so as to assess the students' use of speech acts during their re-enactment of their Integrated Learning Project, a Systemic Functional Linguistics Approach was adopted. The case concludes with some closing reflections on the observational approach that was engaged with, suggesting how it could have been more effective.

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Symbolic interactionism

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