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Researching Multilayered Multicultural Interaction in Africa Using the Video-Stimulated Recall Research Method

By: Published: 2018 | Product: SAGE Research Methods Cases Part 2
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Video-stimulated recall can contribute significantly to exploration of the complexities of multicultural interaction. Videos provide the means of observing behavior, non-verbal cues, and dialogue which can be explored repeatedly for deeper analysis. Video-stimulated recall interviews complement observations by adding participants’ perspectives, giving space for understanding how diverse individuals respond and interact. This case study offers reflections on the use of video-stimulated recall interview in an African education setting with 17 multiethnic students viewing and commenting on video sequences of their participation in small-group case study discussions. The use of this methodology in this setting required me to address specific ethical concerns. This study gives insight into how I attended to participant anxiety, minimized the potential interference of researcher positionality in this cultural context, and monitored potential reactivity because of the intense nature of this methodology and its placement in the research sequence. The choice to use video sequences for video-stimulated recall required significant time commitment but yielded rich unexpected rewards for the video-stimulated recall process. The study expands on the challenge of negotiating appropriate prompts for eliciting recall in the culture and for individual participant needs, requiring careful planning and flexibility. Despite the unique challenges in this research setting, examples are given of how the use of video-stimulated recall helped uncover multiple layers of individual perspectives, motivations, attributes, judgments, values, and even feelings that provided deeper understanding of the multiethnic interaction context. Video-stimulated recall was indeed a powerful method for researching multilayered multicultural interaction in Africa.

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