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Mixed Methods Research on Child Labor and Performance of Women-Owned Microcredit Supported Enterprises in Tanzania

By: & Published: 2019 | Product: SAGE Research Methods Cases Part 2
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This case study presents the procedures for conducting mixed methods research involving microcredit supported women-owned businesses. It is based on a study that examined the role of the child labor in enterprise profitability in Tanzania. We used the cross-sectional research design covering 429 respondents. To select the respondents, we used a quasi-experimental design employing the quasi-random design, which enabled us to measure microcredit program effects on clients while separating the effects of other factors using comparison groups. To avoid bias, we randomly picked the respondents from the comparison groups using the microcredit programs’ list of clients, and clustered the selected respondents depending on their duration of participation in the program and the amount of their last loan. We used a questionnaire to solicit quantitative information from respondents, and we conducted focus groups with respondents using the client–participant focus group approach to collect qualitative data. Moreover, we conducted in-depth interviews to gain an increased understanding of the factors influencing the growth of women-owned businesses. Because micro and small business owners rarely keep records of their business transactions, data on business performance may not be available or be available with the needed accuracy. Therefore, this case study discusses procedures for handling the lack of record keeping and inadequate data in micro and small business surveys. Moreover, this case study demonstrates how to handle extreme and the outlier cases in a data set and presents the basis for the choice of a multivariate approach for modeling binary outcomes.

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