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Methodological Challenges of Accessing Fresh Research Participants: A Study of Motherhood and Employment in Sri Lanka

By: & Published: 2019 | Product: SAGE Research Methods Cases in Business and Management
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In our time as researchers, we have learned that some populations are hidden and hard-to-reach. This could be due to several factors, may it be the first time a research is being conducted on this population or the lack of willingness to participate. Likewise, our research participants were “fresh” and thus initially unaware of the importance, purpose, or the impact of research on them and the broader community. Therefore, some were hesitant to participate in the research. This case study provides an account of methodological challenges we faced attempting to access employed mothers in banking and health sector, and how we overcame those challenges by adopting alternative strategies. Furthermore, as an in-depth qualitative study, reaching into private and personal spaces of these women’s lives, ethics, confidentiality, and anonymity of participants became a major concern. Through this case study, the reader will familiarize themselves on how to develop a trusting and close relationship with research participants, while conforming to ethical standards during the data collection process.

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