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Meta-Analysis: The Five-Factor Model of Personality and the Belief in a Just World

By: Published: 2014 | Product: SAGE Research Methods Cases Part 1
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Since justice is such an important motive in our daily lives, I decided to explore which personality characteristics were associated with it. Previous studies have found associations between some dimensions of personality and people's belief that the world is a just place. However, results vary from one investigation to another, indicating the need for a quantitative synthesis of these associations across studies. In this case, I will share with the reader the reasons for conducting a meta-analysis and the importance of including only the appropriate measures of the variables under analysis. In addition, specific methodological and statistical problems and challenges will be discussed, some of which apply to all meta-analyses, while others are pertinent to small-scale ones. Understanding the choices and difficulties faced by a researcher conducting a meta-analysis will enable the readers to recognize the appropriate conditions for choosing this method, to optimize their data retrieval abilities, to make more conscious decisions on the way meta-analysis is utilized, and to better understand the consequences of those decisions.

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