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Introducing Youth Proofing to Survey Research With Young People

By: Published: 2020 | Product: SAGE Research Methods Cases Part 1
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Doing youth research presents a number of challenges that researchers of other groups do not face. These come at every stage of the research process, from design, to recruitment and implementation. Youth researchers often use a qualitative approach to get a rich understanding of young people’s perspectives, as a consequence there is not much discussion in quantitative research of how to best include young people and their perspectives in the research process. But surveys can be useful to capture data on young people and their lives, and it is therefore essential that survey questions are understandable and relevant to young people. In this case study, I present a new way of including young people in survey research at the design stage. The case I present is the youth proofing of the survey questionnaire for the project Cultural Pathways to Economic Self-Sufficiency and Entrepreneurship: Family Values and Youth Unemployment in Europe (CUPESSE).

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