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Interpretative Phenomenological Analysis: The Lived Experience of Adolescents with Cancer

By: & Published: 2014 | Product: SAGE Research Methods Cases
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In 2008, I (Al Omari) commenced a PhD study to explore the lived experiences of Jordanian adolescents with cancer. The study explored these adolescents' cancer journey through the different stages and how these experiences shaped their behavioural responses and coping strategies. A literature review in the subject area revealed a paucity of bio-psychosocial care studies conducted in Arab countries when compared to Western countries. Furthermore, the available literature was dominated by quantitative research methods, and only a few studies have focused on adolescents with cancer. The paucity of literature and limited understanding of adolescents' experiences postdiagnosis with cancer have the potential to compromise the quality of care provided. This case study research provides insights into the difficulties the researcher encountered when completing this research from methodological and ethical perspectives.

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Interpretive phenomenological analysis

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