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Increasing Social Activity Attendance in Assisted Living Residents Using Personalized Prompt Procedures: A Within-Subjects Approach

By: & Published: 2018 | Product: SAGE Research Methods Cases Part 2
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This case study provides an account of conducting applied research in an assisted living facility for older adults that contributed to the scientific literature and at the same time may improve the quality of life for the participants of the study. Low levels of social activity negatively affect overall quality of life for older adults living in residential care settings. Given the growth of assisted living facilities, but limited research on social activity participation of assisted living adults, we examined whether two prompt procedures (personalized prompts alone and personalized prompts combined with brief conversation) would increase the social activity attendance of assisted living residents. Personalized prompts were designed to appeal to each participant on the basis of preference assessments regarding preferred types of activity participation and interest. We found that both personalized prompts alone and personalized prompts combined with brief conversation increased activity attendance. In addition, attendance during treatment and follow-up increased for activities that were not preceded by treatment prompts. This study demonstrates the value of using a counterbalanced within-subjects design to compare the effectiveness of treatment procedures in applied settings.

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Experimental design

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