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A Case Study Using Historical Timelines: Developing a Research Methodology for a Study of Policing Women’s Bodies in Ireland

By: Published: 2018 | Product: SAGE Research Methods Cases Part 2
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This SAGE case study details the way in which I developed my research for my journal article entitled Policing Women’s Bodies in an Illiberal Society: the case of Ireland. In this SAGE case study, I explain how I carried out the research for this project and how I structured the research. The key issue with this research project was the enormous scope of the study. The policing of women’s bodies is a very broad topic, and this, coupled with the long timeframe of the study, made this project a very big research project. To cope with the scope of the research project, I developed a specific research methodology for the study. This research methodology allowed me (1) to conduct the study I wanted to conduct and (2) to communicate that study concisely and effectively within the limits of a journal article. The research methodology that I developed for the study used historical timelines. In this SAGE case study, I explain the issues that I had to deal with in developing the research that drove the search for this methodology. I explain the simplicity and the utility of the research methodology developed, the way that this research methodology fit with the research project, and the appropriateness of the research methodology for the research project.

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