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Football and Domestic Violence: Developing a Method to Measure the Madness

By: & Published: 2018 | Product: SAGE Research Methods Cases Part 2
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Bring up the subject of crime in any group of people and you will hear a variety of opinions and more than one theory about crime causation. Because of the relative accessibility of information about crime—including both legitimate news and what is now known as “fake news”—everyone seems to “know” about crime. One of the wonderful realizations that budding criminological researchers arrive at is that we researchers can get past all the fake news and the slanted storied and the urban legends and make some discoveries about crime and human behavior. Most students will choose a methodology that is already in practice and accepted. Occasionally, a student will desire to study something from her or his own experience or something that piqued their natural curiosity. These subjects of study may not already have an associated methodology, and one will need to be developed. These students can benefit greatly from more seasoned researchers, who can look to similar studies and guide the beginning researcher to new methods and new understanding of human behavior.

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