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Flexible Identity: A Case Study on Social Identity of Young People Experiencing Job Insecurity in Italy

By: & Published: 2016 | Product: SAGE Research Methods Cases Part 1
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This work illustrates a particular application of the case study method on the topic of job insecurity in a group of Italian young people with non-standard employment (e.g. flexible and fixed-term contracts). Starting from the results of a survey carried out on a sample of 800 Italian young people regarding their attitudes towards work, an analysis in the framework of a case study approach has been conducted by mixing different strategies, such as focus groups, structured interviews and in-depth interviews, in order to explore the social identity of young people with insecure work conditions. The research aims to elaborate some theoretical propositions, which can enrich the sociological theories on problems and effects of work insecurity and precariousness for the social identity.

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Case study research

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