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Exploration of Faculty and Doctoral Student Perspectives in Conducting a Group Research Project for a Research Design Class: A Case Study Approach

By: & Published: 2018 | Product: SAGE Research Methods Cases Part 2
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Conducting a first empirical research study can be apprehensive for beginning researchers. Likewise, mentoring the beginning researcher requires careful guidance. This case study explores the highs and lows of a doctoral student who led a group research project for a research design class and a faculty who taught, mentored, and supervised the groups of the research design class throughout their research journeys. In this case study, the faculty will discuss the purpose, steps of conducting research design, and common challenges faced by the students for a research manuscript assignment that required the groups to conduct a meta-analysis or empirical study. Of the four doctoral students who studied father involvement in childhood and its influence on the adult depression levels (N = 31) by using analysis of variance as an inferential statistical method, the authors delve into the perspectives of the student group leader and the faculty supervising the study. The themes which emerged from both faculty and student perspectives are discussed in detail. Overall, both student and faculty expressed the research experience as rewarding despite some practicalities and lessons learned. The conclusions from the study are discussed at the end.

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