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Evaluating a Multi-Stakeholder Developmental Mentoring Scheme: An Action Research Project

By: & Published: 2015 | Product: SAGE Research Methods Cases Part 1
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This case study provides a critical account of the evaluation of an action research project known as the Public Sector Developmental Mentoring Scheme with a particular focus of the research methods in action. The aim of the project was to develop public sector mentors who would be able to support the goal of increased employability for a diverse set of undergraduate student mentees who aspire to a career within the public sector. The key project partners were Middlesex University, First Division Association and Liverpool John Moores University. The project aimed to have an impact on the future employment of students and to establish a nationwide relationship between higher education institutions and public sector employers. The Project Team utilised a mixed-method approach facilitating semi-structured interviews, appreciative inquiry focus groups, questionnaires and visual storytelling, providing visual, qualitative and quantitative data to address the research objectives. The data collection techniques combined collection and analysis of primary and secondary data, including a review of relevant literature, reports and conference briefings. Key lessons learned were the importance of strong strategic rationale for each stakeholder and a clear evaluation strategy to measure outcomes from the outset and throughout.

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